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Fiddle virtuoso couple
MacMaster & Leahy join
forces on new album One

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February 10, 2015   »   Natalie MacMaster is a globally–acclaimed Cape Breton fiddle player who has appeared on numerous CBC, CTV and PBS TV shows and sold over 200,000 albums. Donnell Leahy is the incendiary musical leader of double–Platinum selling, festival–headlining Celtic family group Leahy.
    The two musical prodigies met as teenagers, found individual massive career success, and eventually reconnected and were married, becoming the first couple of Celtic music. Today the famous couple have six children and perform together to sold–out crowds in theatres across North America and the UK. They never, however, found the opportunity to record together — until now.
    It was a chance meeting of MacMaster with legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple) at sessions he was producing for Scottish–born Canadian singing star Johnny Reid that led to the unlikely musical match between the star producer and the Celtic couple. Smitten with their sound, Ezrin recruited Justin Cortelyou (Taylor Swift, Ke$ha, Alan Jackson) to co–produce, and the two headed to Cape Breton to record the Celtic couple with ace session musicians Mark Kelso, Mac Morin, Tim Edey, Jamie Gatti, Rachel Aucoin and Sabin Jacques.…   »

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