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Linus Entertainment announces partnership with Canadian Brass

May 16, 2014   »   Linus Entertainment is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Canadian Brass and Opening Day Entertainment Group (ODEG) in a long–term global licensing arrangement for 17 albums by the popular classical crossover ensemble Canadian Brass, along with 45 other various classical albums from the ODEG catalogue.
    Canadian Brass was founded by Charles Daellenbach and Gene Watts in 1970, and by the mid–70s they earned the distinction of 'the world's most famous brass group,' a reputation that continues to this day.
    In addition to maintaining a heavy international touring schedule for over 40 years, the Canadian Brass have sold well over 2 million albums worldwide — with 1.2 million sold in the Nielsen Soundscan era alone (since 1991) — and continue to score Billboard chart positions: Stars & Stripes: Canadian Brass Salute America spent 8 weeks in the Top 25 on the Billboard Classical Chart during the summer of 2010, peaking at #2.

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